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What Guests say?

Dear Andrea , I am back from our trip to Southeast Asia and it couldn’t have been better. Your organization has been impeccable! I will try to review it in order so as not to forget anyone or anything. Andrea, I feel very lucky to have found you through Wendy Perrin Wow list. You are truly amazing, not only for the itineraries and accommodations you come up with but especially for the good work, philanthropic and conservationist (we liked the drinking bottles and no plastic bags arrangement) that you do in those communities. And it translates in the love that the people who know you in Cambodia have for you. They were always praising you!
We were in great hands all throughout both the planning stages and the trip itself; they strike the perfect balance between guiding activities and providing a support system, while also giving plenty of free time to explore (or relax!) at our own pace.
Bryan and Tracy Irace
They planned our honeymoon in November 2015 to Southeast Asia, specifically Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Siem Reap, Cambodia. My husband and I absolutely enjoyed every aspect of this magical trip. The planning process was seamless, any personalization was accommodated and all questions were answered promptly.
Andrea Chiavaroli
I am so glad I put my trust in your capable and caring hands. The guides were interesting and professional (aware of our preferences, including our eating preferences, taking us to local places, always different and delicious foods). Particularly we enjoyed getting to know Mr. Hieu in Southern Vietnam and Ms. Nhung who both really seem to embrace that love of country and youthful enthusiasm that I associate with the spirit of Journeys Within. And wow about our anniversary! Every hotel and guide seemed to know about our 40th and had a special tribute or gift – it was amazing and unexpected – thanks for alerting them.
Dena (and Dean)
We continue to marvel at what a fascinating trip you and Chelsea planned, and love all the neat memories it created for the 3 of us — another special bond that we share as mom and daughters!
Heather Drennan
Andrea was keenly interested in our decisions about where to go and how long to stay. She is an excellent listener and assimilated very quickly our likes and dislikes and developed a program to suit our time and budget. No travel agent outside the country could have done that. Nor could we have done it ourselves through the Internet. Although we are skilled at using the Internet as a travel tool, there is no substitute for an experienced local expert.
Ann & Jeff Brooke
Our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia was outstanding. I cannot say enough good things about the country, the tour you put together, your guides, the hotels you chose, and the overall experience we had. The guides you chose were knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. We had a great time with them (especially Kangh in Vietnam) and felt sad to say goodbye. All of the hotels were wonderful, but the hotel you booked us into in Siem Reap was just incredible. As you may remember we met our kids and grandkids in Cambodia and this was a perfect hotel for all of us. We would go back there even without the grandkids. Thank you for your thoughtful and well-planned excursion to a part of the world that we have quickly fallen in love with. Can’t wait to go to that neck of the woods again.
Thanks so much for the insight into Cambodia I would never have had without your help and friendship.
Ben Keys
Without the knowledge and expertise of your tour, we would have never been able to have experienced Angkor in its true beauty. Mr. Vong’s passion for Angkor’s rich history was infectious.
Ryan Pucci & Cristina Clougherty
Newport Beach, California USA
My trips with Journeys Within have been life changing. Traveling in Cambodia and volunteering with what would become JWOC truly changed my life. The day to day contact with pre-teen students trying to learn English was the highlight of that trip. I realized they couldn’t afford English classes so relied on volunteer help. To see these kids show up every day with homework done and giving their full attention to the teacher was amazing.
They were seeking a better life. The lack of safe and clean water, electricity, flush toilets and all the other daily luxuries are things we take for granted. This trip set the tone for all my subsequent travel. I thank Journeys Within for giving me an in-depth cultural experience in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam over the years. Thank you!
Marilyn Lembcke
We continue to marvel at what a fascinating trip you and Chelsea planned, and love all the neat memories it created for the 3 of us — another special bond that we share as mom and daughters!
Heather Drennan
Thanks so much for the insight into Cambodia I would never have had without your help and friendship.
Ben Keys
Amber and I LOVED Southeast Asia and our entire itinerary. We really felt that we got to see so much and, more importantly, experience so much within a relatively short amount of time. Every detail was taken care of and there were no issues along the way. We loved all the places we visited, but Chiang Mai was actually our favourite. Tien, our guide in Chiang Mai, was the best guide we have ever had in all our travels. With her quiet demeanour, she was so kind, unassuming, knowledgeable, and just fun. We would love to visit the region again and have some friends considering a trip now.
It was a wonderful and memorable trip- thanks for pulling it together so quickly. The drivers/guides were all very knowledgeable and so service oriented, it was a pleasure. And I really liked that while there were recommended itineraries, I was able to change things to fit my own interests. I had a tremendous trip.
Bernice Tsai
New York
Andrea put together a package for us perfectly suited for our family! The family suite was comfortable for the four of us. She put together the right activities for our family-Angkor Wat tours, hot air balloon ride, biking to a village, exploring the city market…Yet she worked in enough down time for us to enjoy the pool and hammocks in the beautiful garden at the B & B!
Thomas & Danette High
We are finally back and just wanted to tell you that everything went perfectly- no glitches. Everyone showed up and all went as planned! The best part was in Laos- the monks in the morning was a special time. We loved the visits to the villages where there were no tourists. The river trip was also spectacular (although surprisingly cold , especially the first day. I needed three blankets!)… All in all a successful trip- next time we will try Cambodia.
Pat Farquharson
Brandon….you and your staff did a fantastic job in planning and organizing my trip to Cambodia and Laos for October 2007. It was a relaxing and pleasurable experience. I learned a lot about the cultures and ethics of the 2 countries. I highly recommend that others experience the same.
Howie Chernikoff
New Haven, CT
Thank you so much for making our trip to Thailand and Cambodia a wonderful experience. We have learned so much from the trip. It is truly amazing and inspiring what you have done in Cambodia.
Shawn Ward & Connie Chen
Just want to tell you what a wonderful experience our trip to Vietnam was! Everything could not have worked out better. Our guides were all great, accommodations amazing, food fabulous… cultural and fun, all rolled into one! The orphanage experience was so important to Sydney – It touched all of us deeply. Sydney even got her “secret wishes” fulfilled – to ride a water buffalo and have a special silk dress made! Many thanks for making getting back to Vietnam a reality for us!

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