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Explore in and around Siem Reap on this six-day tour. Visit the “must-see” main Angkor Temples before heading to the quiet villages and forgotten temples which serve as fascinating reminders of the ancient civilization that once thrived here. Round out your experience by kayaking through the flooded forests of Tonle Sap Lake, and spend some time getting to know the locals.

Six days tour. Explore the “must-see” famous Angkor Temples before continuing on to the tranquil villages and lost temples that serve as intriguing remnants of the ancient civilisation that once flourished here. Spend some time kayaking through the flooded forests of Tonle Sap Lake and getting to know the locals to round out your trip.

Welcome to Cambodia! On arrival you will be met in Immigration for your fast-track visa service. Look for an immigration representative who will be holding a welcome sign for you and hand them your photo and passport. While your visa is being issued you can continue through Immigration to collect your luggage and clear customs. Your passports will be returned to you as you wait for your luggage.

Take a short walk through to the arrivals area where you will find your guide and will be taken to the main part of town for a quick orientation tour. You will be given a quick introduction to the city, and your guide will point out the main roads, markets, some recommended restaurants and Wat Bo, before dropping you off at your hotel to check in.

Head out in a tuk-tuk with one of the Southeast Asia Journeys staff for a taste of the local nightlife. Plough Koksap, or the Road 60 Fun Fair is a perennial favourite for families and young Cambodians alike.

Take in the hustle and bustle of this busy street, sampling Khmer fruits and snacks as you go. From deep fried beetles and bugs to some of the tastiest barbeque in Siem Reap, enjoy all the local flavor this hotspot has to offer. As you make your way through the crowds, your guide will give you the rundown on the Khmer food you sample.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about contemporary Cambodian cuisine and culture. Feeling adventurous?

Take a ride in the fair’s bumper cars but remember that health and safety regulations aren’t up to the same standards as back home!

When you are finished, your tuk-tuk will be waiting to take you back to your hotel or into town for dinner if you haven’t filled up on local treats.

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Wake up early and head to Angkor Wat for sunrise and a morning tour of the temple before the crowds arrive. Your guide will take you to an active Wat, where you should change to clothes you can get wet in as here you will experience the ceremony “Srouch Tec”, which roughly translates into “pour water”.

A monk will chant in ancient Pali as he splashes water over you, washing away your sins and bad luck so you can start fresh and by being a good person can increase your good luck.

Head back to your hotel mid-morning and spend some time relaxing through the heat of the day. In the afternoon head to Angkor Thom, the famous walled city, and see the many temples within its borders, including the fascinating Bayon temple with its many magnificent faces smiling out.

There are several beautiful spots from which to watch the sunset. Discuss with your guide where you would like to be and then relax and enjoy a memorable end to your day at the temples.


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You will be met by your guide to head south-west out of Siem Reap to Mey Chrey Floating Village. Enjoy the scenery as you drive through the villages and green rice fields before arriving at the dock to board your boat to the village. As you enter the village you will begin to see what life on the water is like. You will pass by floating shops, houses and the local floating primary school before arriving at your kayaking base.

Meet the local family and jump in your kayaks to continue your exploration of the village at a slower and quieter pace. Paddle behind the village houses and back towards the school, to find our secret cutthrough taking you into a magical quiet part of the river system.

Paddle the open expanse of the river admiring the greenery along the banks and the local native birdlife as you cruise around to a different part of the floating village where you will paddle the main thoroughfare, ending your journey at the home of the village chief.

Here you will enjoy a packed lunch on the front porch of this quaint little home, spending some time to relax and watch the world go by, before boarding your boat back to the dock and enjoying the 45 minute air-conditioned drive back to your hotel.

This evening you will be met by your tuk tuk driver and taken on culinary experience to restaurants whose main goal is that of investing in their teams and the local communities. You will start at Footprints café, the first book café linking visitors to the local communities.

After a snack you will move on to Haven restaurant which is a training restaurant for orphaned street kids and one of Siem Reap’s more popular restaurants. Here you will have your main course before finishing off at Marum restaurant which is another training restaurants run by Friends International NGO. This is the perfect foodie experience for those who want to have a positive impact on the places they visit.

Breakfast. Lunch and Dinner.

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This morning set off with your guide to Banteay Srei, the intricately carved temple located just 30km beyond Angkor Wat. Enjoy lunch in the temple complex overlooking Sra Srang, followed by a visit to the nearby Banteay Kdei and Ta Prohm, two of the prettiest temples in the complex. Return to your hotel mid-afternoon.

This evening you will be treated to a unique performance by the Cambodian Circus, also known as the hugely talented Phare Ponleu Selpak from your VIP seats. Literally translated as ‘’the brightness of the arts’’, this Artistic and Social Center has been running as a non-profit association since 1994 and was founded by a group of young ex-refugees from Battambang Province. With your reserved VIP seats, there is no need to wait in line your seat is reserved for you!

Sitting in the center of the big top tent, you will witness some remarkable acrobatics and visual arts while supporting one of Cambodia’s most inspiring projects.
Performances start at 8:00pm.

Breakfast. Lunch

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You will meet with one of our incredibly passionate and motivated JWOC Scholarship students who attends University in Siem Reap.

Learn more about what they do at our Learning Center and understand how they manage their study, work and scholarship commitments.

This afternoon you will head out on Cambodia’s first art tour of its kind. You will be hosted by Robina Hanley who is a long-term expat, curator and gallery owner. Robina has worked in the Siem Reap art scene for 14 years and has had the opportunity to forge strong personal relationships with all the artists and creative souls that you will interact with on this tour.

Before you embark on this artistic expedition, Robina will meet you at your hotel to discuss art and your specific interests. Whether it be contemporary art, sculpture, fine art or photography, Robina will cater the tour to your interests.


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You will be met by your guide and driver at your hotel and transferred to airport for your departure flight.


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