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Best Places to Photograph Angkor Wat Area

This article focuses on getting the perfect photo of Angkor Wat and the most interesting temples and locations in the surrounding area.

We wish it will help you and your readers have a better experience while traveling to visit these incredible Temples

Once visiting Cambodia, Angkor Wat is a must-see location. Although it was constructed in the 12th century, the temple is well protected and it has become an ideal backdrop for lovely pictures. Enjoy an adventurous search for the best places to Photograph Angkor Wat!

As it has become one of Cambodia’s major tourist attractions, Angkor Wat is busy throughout the year. So if you’re looking for a decent photo for your Social media, you have to be patient in arming yourself.

Read below about the best places in Angkor Wat to pursue your desire to get a marvelous photoshoot.

Best Places to Photograph Angkor Wat area. Libraries at Angkor Wat

North and South Libraries at Angkor Wat

As you enter the Temple of Angkor Wat you will pass these two libraries. You can play with the light or simply stand in front of one of the libraries. In whichever your position is, you will get a nice photo for your social media.

Angkor Wat Path

A small path that stays aside from the main road is an ideal photo spot for most tourists. It is quiet and ideal to escape from the locals and most tourists walking on the main path.

This way you can have a nice background of Angkor Wat temple without crowded people.

Gorgeous Sunrise over the Northern Reflection Pond

This is likely Angkor Wat’s most legendary location. A famous tourist attraction is a sunrise across the northern reflection pond.

As the sun peaks through the Cambodian jungle’s limbs, Angkor Wat’s shadow starts to visible.

Once the sun rays break the canopy of the jungle, the red, purple, and salmon-colored sandstone of the temple is illuminated. Each Angkor itinerary should include a sunrise.

However, rushing for Angkor Wat in the early morning is not recommended if you don’t like crowded with people squeezing each other for a nice photo shot.

Still, you can have the option to grab your unspoiled photograph at another time of the day. Angkor Wat is best seen in the early morning or late evening light. This is when the stone of the temple is particularly brilliant.

I do not guarantee whether it will be less crowded than in the morning, but why not try it out? Maybe it’s your lucky day.

Angkor Wat Terrace of Honor

Turn left at the first steps after the library and before the basin and follow the path for about 40 meters to a big tree for a magnificent view of Angkor Wat’s five towers, especially at sunrise.

The path leads to a terrace kin a cross shape, known as the Terrace of Honor, just in front of Angkor Wat’s main entrance tower.

Not many tourists have found this place, so you are motivated to look for it. Just play with the background and you’re going to have an ideal photo at Angkor Wat.

Phnom Bakheng Temple

Phnom Bakheng is by far the most famous location to watch Angkor Wat’s sunrise and sunset. This is one of those locations where its reputation is fully lived. Phnom Bakheng is open until 7 pm, meaning you can watch the sunset inside the temple itself rather than just from the outside.

It’s situated on top of a mountain, which implies you get a truly beautiful view of the surrounding temples and landscape as the sun dips below the horizon.

The gate to Phnom Bakheng is just after Angkor Wat on the left side of the road if you come from Siem Reap town, yet you will see Phnom Bakheng before your arrival to Angkor Thom. The temple itself is not very large, so the officers at the top of the mountain enable only 300 visitors inside at a moment to regulate the crowds.

They offer each tourist a lanyard to wear around their necks, which returns as they leave the temple. Then the officers collect the lanyards and hand them over to the next group of visitors who are waiting to get in.

Due to the limited amount of visitors, you need to reach the top of the mountain for about an hour before the sunrise/sunset if you really want to get a good sunset perspective inside the temple itself.

Remember: If in case you cannot rival for your position to get inside the temple, don’t feel upset. Just stay outside the temple, there is a viewing platform that provides a wonderful view of the sun setting across the jungle as well.

Best places for Sunrise and Sunset Shooting in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap (some of the best sunrise in Cambodia)

Angkor Wat sunrise and Angkor Wat sunset

Which would you chose?

Imagine the first rays of sun piercing the trees and casting on the old shrines. Such a drastic shot attracts Siem Reap’s photographers. Sometimes, however, telling more is the mysterious atmosphere.

In our selection of the finest sunrise and sunset spots in Siem Reap, each place establishes a storytelling context that is best displayed through your own picture abilities. The real trick is the lighting. Photos are shown at distinct times of the day.

In the search for the best places to Photograph Angkor Wat, take some time to witness the sun shining down below the horizon as the heat of the day subsides.

An intense, ever-changing color kaleidoscope is sweeping across the sky, marking the end of another day in Siem Reap. Note down these amazing sunrise and sunset viewpoints during your stay in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap. The list below will provide both adventurers and Zen-seekers with views from the mountainside to hot air balloons and cruises.

The sunrise and sunset times differ only slightly based on the moment of the year, ranging from 5.30 am to 6:00 am and 5:30 pm to 6.30 pm. Plan the viewing time for your shooting accordingly and don’t forget your camera!

Sunrise and Sunset at Angkor Wat Temple

A Siem Reap sunrise experience is a must!

If this is a bucket list experience for you to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat, then you totally should go. The only thing you have to be prepared to face the crowds and don’t expect it to be peaceful and quiet.

What I want to warn you in this section is that it is completely underestimated to see the sunset at Angkor Wat. There are not only lots of amazing places within Angkor Archeological Park to watch the sunset, but you can see the sunset without even purchasing a costly ticket to Angkor Wat.

And good news for you while it’s a real rumor that the Angkor Wat grounds are totally FREE to enter after 5:30 pm every day! The guards are not even going to verify your ticket.

If you head for sunset at Angkor Wat before your full-day trip to the temples in Angkor Area, you will save days on your pass and prevent burnout at the temple so that you can really enjoy your sunset experience without thinking about how tired and hungry you are after a lengthy day of heat visiting Angkor Wat.

Phnom Bakheng - my favorite Cambodia sunrise

This mountain, which is 60 meters high, is a favorite location among admirers of sunrise and sunset. It’s also the dream of a photographer with its far-reaching countryside viewpoints. At this famous countryside escape, visitor numbers are regulated and strictly capped at only 300 people.

You are suggested to enter the site and collect your lanyard one hour before sunset, allowing you time to mount the steep, tight steps to the top terrace. The sun descends gracefully and effortlessly over West Baray, casting a golden light over Angkor Wat’s towers. You are advised to do this for sunrise as well. 

Angkor Wat Moat

Go to the East of Angkor Wat and get a beautiful view of the sunset behind Angkor Wat. On this side of the temple, there are no reflective baths inside the wall, and the moat around the outside of the temple reflects the Angkor Wat sunset view.

When the temple is not permitted to get in, come in from the city and take a right at the T junction before Angkor Wat to get to the Eastside door after 5:30 p.m. Turn the angle and you will be in the prime place for sunset on the east side of the temple.


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